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    Want More Money In Your Bank Account?

    As an employed physician, many doctors may wonder how they can take home more money each month for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are paying off your student loans? Or have an upcoming expense that you want to cover? The reasons vary, but there is often a desire to...

    6 Ways a Financial Advisor is Worth It

    Many people often consider the cost of a financial advisor, but what about the value they can provide? How much can a financial advisor save you? What’s the ROI?

    4 Ways to Save Taxes While Giving to Charity

    You may be asking how to save taxes while giving to charity. Fortunately, giving doesn’t have to be boring. From a donor-advised fund to alternating giving, here are 4 ways to save taxes while giving to charity.

    Starting Your First Job as a Physician

    Starting your first job after residency? Or considering a career change? It is time to consider contract negotiations, financial needs, insurance, and more.

    Should Physicians Buy or Rent a House?

    To buy or to rent? It is a question as old as time for medical students transitioning to residency and residents transitioning to their first attending job. Unfortunately, this is often an apples-to-oranges comparison.  But fear not, my friend. We're here to break it...

    7 Ways to Avoid the 59.5 Rule

    Retiring early? Many don’t consider the 10% penalty for any withdrawals from retirement accounts before the age of 59 and a half. Here are 7 ways to get around it…

    Pros and Cons of a HELOC

    Should you use a HELOC? As with anything, it depends. There are some really good uses for a HELOC, and some pretty terrible ones, too. Tag along as we discuss all things HELOC.

    Joint Finances: Navigating Relationships and Money

    Merging your money as a couple seems simple on the surface, doesn't it? You love each other; why not love sharing a bank account too? Yet, very couple faces this decision with their unique blend of excitement and trepidation. And let me tell you, those emotions are...

    The Importance of Liquidity with Investing

    Editor's Note: It is that time of year. If you are looking for a student loan consult that is affordable, even for residents, we've got you covered with the Money Meets Medicine Student Loan Consult process. Or maybe you are looking to obtain own-occupation disability...

    Should All Doctors Have a Trust?

    While most physicians would benefit from having a will and trust, you and I both know that doctors don't have the time to figure out how to navigate the complex world of medicine while trying to manage your personal finances and estate. It's no small feat. Embarking...

    Need Help You Can Trust?

    As a physician, you need to protect your income, but you know the insurance industry won’t do what’s best for you unless it makes money for them…

    That’s why we created content and resources built for doctors, by a doctor.

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