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    Emergency Funds For High-Income Earners

    Even high-income earners need an emergency fund. Would you like to know why, how, and where to stash your emergency fund as a high-income earner? Let’s dive in.

    Navigating and Negotiating Physician Contracts

    From the author: If you would like a free copy of the best-selling Physician Philosopher's Guide to Personal Finance, that is now offered to everyone in the Money Meets Medicine community. Click here to have your copy, which can be placed on a Kindle or e-reader, sent...

    Coast FIRE: Save Less to Live More

    Picture this: you're a physician who put the work in to save money early. With savings piled up, without you lifting a finger you now have the ability to save less and live more, including the ability to go part-time in medicine. That's the magic of Coast FIRE—a...

    Getting Good Advice: The Four F’s of Financial Advisors

     Let's get one thing straight from the get-go.  Doctors should not be using a financial advisor strictly for investing purposes.  Investing is easy.  Use low-cost, diversified index funds. Pick an asset allocation (e.g. stock to bond ratio). And rebalance once per...

    Physician Side Gig: Worth the Effort?

    It was a brisk Tuesday morning when Dr. Smith, our seasoned cardiologist with hands as steady as a rock, confessed to me over coffee that his latest passion wasn't just about the heartbeats on the monitors. "I've got this side gig. it's completely outside of...

    How to Get Into Venture Capitalism

    Envision yourself in a high-stakes poker game, where every chip represents an innovative concept that could alter the course of lives. That's venture capitalism for you – intense, strategic, and brimming with possibilities. My first foray into venture capitalism...

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